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    I've recently acquired some zipp track hubs in 32 hole, and am looking to build up a track only wheelset. I'm planning on using some super-light tubulars. I was thinking Saavedra Turbo Aero Tubular Rims, but they don't come in 32 hole.

    I might go with carbon rims, but I'd like to keep the cost for the rims reasonable. Do you have any recommendations?
    ^why not just give me your hubs and not worry about finding a rim.clockwork ted: this is my favorite thread. sweet BJ alexi!
    I would go with some nice old Sun tubular racing rims. They are lite, and nice. I loved the set I had.

    I suspect that there is little aerodynamic difference between a 32 spoke and 24 spoke deep profile wheel, so go carbon if you want, but if you're going to spend the money, go all out.

    Nice hubs though.

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