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    This is from my hometown newspaper. Not much regarding it yet there or on the main tally bike blog, but still HOLY SHIT!. Plug those bar ends folks and be safe.

    Bicyclist impaled on handlebars dies at Tallahassee hospital

    A man died Tuesday night after he fell off his bicycle and was impaled on the handlebars, according to Officer David McCranie, spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department.
    Vincent Sullivan, 49, was riding his bike in the 1300 block of Lake Avenue when he fell off the bike and was impaled.
    TPD responded to the scene at 9:30 p.m. after a call from a passerby. When they arrived, the man was alive but unable to speak. He was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.
    McCranie said a death investigation is being conducted. There is no sign that Sullivan was hit by a vehicle.
    “At some point, he lost control of the bike and crashed the bike,” McCranie said.
    During the crash, the handlebars rotated out of place. The man fell and the handlebars penetrated his lower abdomen.
    An autopsy is being conducted today at the State Medical Examiner’s Office to determine the cause of death.
    clockwork ted: this is my favorite thread. sweet BJ alexi!
    I put knives or ice picks on the end of my bullhorns for pedestrians. When I run my aero bars, I run both (knives on the horns, ice picks on the aero bars).

    Damn, now I wanna play Carmageddon.But the fact of the matter is: Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. And the United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world!
    When I lived in Central I used to see this biked parked on the corner of Sidney and Green all the time. It had bull horns, like REAL bull horns, like, from a bull or something. They were HUGE. I would have been terrifed if I ever saw that thing coming at me. Talk about impailment.All you white kids look alike when you're still covered in baby fat, so I was getting bored with the non-stop WASP parade.
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    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2008
    there was a bmx rider in japan i think, a few years back, that went for a barspin and caught the bars halfway into his stomache. i think they said it was the first bmx related death, sounds like it happens even without doing any tricks
    i have a friend who caught his bmx bars in the stomach, and ruptured his spleenits like watching a monkey swallow a hand grenade.