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    • CommentAuthorredfoot
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    Im looking to buy a new bike with my tax return. Anyone have any experience with the Redline 925? My maximum is about 600. Any advice is appreciated.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    the redline is a decent bike..

    Before this thread goes anywhere I will go ahead and say it:
    if your looking to stay under $600 and price is your top/only concern you probably can't beat going to see Phil out at Simple Living Cycles in Framingham, trouble is he has a shady business and is very sub par mechanic so you'll end up having to go to a real shop in no time to have his work corrected, and possibly have to drop some dough as a result.

    are you looking for something for commuting, just play'n around and joy riding, do'in fixie tricks, or what?

    Consider the Bianchi San Jose.. I bet a 08' or maybe even 07' could be had for around 600ish..
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    I would sell you my 09 masi for 500 if I was still in Boston.bake em' away, toys
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2009
    My FG bike is a 925. It won't get you any cool-points like Geekhouse, Cinelli, Iro, etc., but it will get you where you are going. Besides, people that are all brand-whores should be extras on Ugly Betty, not BFG. My 925 looks quite different from the stock bike, although it is actually mostly stock (pic below). After having the bike for some time, here are my complaints with it:

    -Could be lighter
    -Could have shorter wheel base
    -Could have better cornering clearing (170mm stock)
    -Could have standard 5 spoke spider, instead of the stock 4
    -Could have stock fixed gearing that gives you more than a mere FIVE skid patches

    Aside from that, it is a decent complete for the money. I am prolly going to upgrade to Pista, because that seems to have one of the shortest wheel bases. I really like "twtchy" and/or "responsive" handling of such bikes. So, in short, the 925 is not a *bad* bike by any means, but it is also not the best you can do. Bikes are like dames/dudes. You can't really figure out what you want until you ridden a shit load of them. Start with the cheap whores, and the move up. At some point you'll figure out if PBR or Guiness is your calling.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicAll you white kids look alike when you're still covered in baby fat, so I was getting bored with the non-stop WASP parade.
    • CommentAuthorredfoot
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2009
    Sorry to hear about your Arm, Morgie. Hope it heals up quickly.

    I'm looking for something to ride around aimlessly. I don't really need a bike, I have a Lemond and a Bianchi conversion, I thought it would be nice to have something new and shiny for the nice weather and I have this tax return burning a hole in my pocket.

    I'll admit, I was looking at Simple Living, either the Redline or the Madison, the Redline is cheaper, and there was a good review in Mens Journal magazine. I have about $600, so I imagine that will include a proper mechanic to tune up the bike.

    Like I said, I don't need a bike. I just wanted something new to play with.
    Thanks for all the help.
    Kitty:I would sell you my 09 masi for 500 if I was still in Boston.

    when and where did you aquire this alleged 09 masiive killed before and ill kill againe... right now
    • CommentAuthorkimekime
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2009
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