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    hell yess jazz clubsbowel shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2010
    I only like jazz cigarettese-f-f-e-c-t a smooth operater operating correctly
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2010
    CRAIG!! I was just thinking this morning of going to NYC on sunday. Meet up maybe?roz-berry-lime
    HOLY SHIT YESNaaaah, too uncool for the #messlyfe. I just like to hang out in loading docks and pretend to talk on my radio so that people will like me. - Mfratt
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2010
    ^HOLY SHIT CALL ME NOWroz-berry-lime
    • CommentAuthorcrazy0
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2010
    hey everyone just putting this out there for folks over the bridge, there is a new bus line serving the cambridge-newton area thats priced pretty competitively akin to the fung wah or megabus , they even got a 10 buck special so if you got any business in NYC by all means go handle it lol
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2010
    That's great news. I heard they filmed Sex and the City there!"Dude's just smashing fructosenormativity, lay off."
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2010
    No, you're thinking of dubai.dongpincher 1000
    dude, new york sucked me in pretty fuckin' hard lately. i don't remember the last time i left town, and i'm fairly certain i'm a legit crazy person now.

    where is this bus, i need to get the fuck out of here soon.flip mode. flip mode is the greatest.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2010
    going to new york saturday 9:00AM Fung Wah
    going out for the Golden Bike Awards. Don't need suggestions, but anyone is welcome to tag along. I think KP is the only person I know that is also coming out.


    Alley Cat Race, Meet at Graffiti Hall of Fame

    Goldsprints (Free Beer by Pabst) Meet at Chrome Store
    238 Mulberry St.
    New York, NY

    Photo Shoot By Takuya Sakamoto at the Chrome Store

    After Party, Open Bar (11pm to Midnight) Meet at The Wreck Room
    940 Flushing Avenue
    Brooklyn, NYroz-berry-lime