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    So I'm working Lupo's this weekend and staying in the riverside area of East Providence. I need to get me and my bike from east providence (riverside) to downtown over the weekend. Does anyone know if I can take the route 1/6 bridge instead of the Henderson bridge over the river towards brown university?

    This is what google maps suggest for walking directions. I'd really like to cut a mile or two off by taking the closer route 1/6 bridge, I'm just not sure if that bridge is passable for a bike.
    • CommentAuthorLyzard
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2009
    I'm pretty sure I've gone over that bridge in the past.

    I feel like this is one of those examples of Providence/Rhode Island "used-to-be"
    where now that I haven't lived in Prov for 3 years it could be entirely different (ie the highway 95/195 overpass split.)
    thanks for the post. If I remember, I'll reply with how it goes for whoever else happens to need this route.
    there is a bicycle section of the 1,6,95 bridge (you can see it in gmaps) that will eventually connect downtown providence to the eastbay bike path, however that section is currently under construction. Instead, there is a small corrider that runs alongside the bridge that I've been using to cross. Those directions should work just fine.
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2009
    ^+1. It's narrow, and full of broken glass, but it'll get you across.Troglodytarum is latin for troll
    It worked out, yeah there's an ultra-narrow path across that bridge. It was easy to get into downtown. It was my first time in Providence on a bike, definitely worth going back to visit and ride around. The east bay bike path was really really nice.