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    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2012


    Description – Based out of the historic Newmarket Mills, home of Independent Fabrication, the event offers participants not only an incredible day of riding but also an oh-so-cool beer glass, nifty door prizes and an after-party spread featuring mouth-watering grub and Smuttynose beer! Of course, tours of the Independent Fabrication Bike Factory will be available.

    Where: Newmarket Mills, 55 Main Street, Newmarket NH

    When: Sunday June 17, 2012 – packet (rider bib & instructions) pick-up opens at 7:30AM

    How: The ride may be conducted on a properly prepared bicycle (seeTech page).

    Start: First riders depart at 9AM (departure based on self-assigned pace, see Tech page).

    Route: Well-marked with arrows; cue sheet will be provided (see Coursepage).

    Register: Online registration is open until June 13th. For more information see the Registration page.

    Swag: all registered riders get a beer glass emblazoned with the inimitable Raid Rockingham crest! Other sponsor prizes to be announced.

    Contact: Any questions contact



    Online Entry Fee:

    $45 Early (until May 13th)

    $55 Standard (May 14th until June 13th)

    Register Online NOW

    Late Entry Fee:

    $65 Day of Event (please arrive by 8AM for sign-ups to ensure a spot).

    Anyone with a car want to drive up to this? I don't have one but would love to carpool to this. I'd pitch in to rent a car if needed.

    I don't think they've revealed the course yet (or distance) but I think a good deal of it is unpaved and they say "Trust us, you will like what we’ve pulled together for you – Epic Route, Epic Ride." It sounds like a fun event with lots of cool stuff going on that day.
      CommentAuthorStinky Cheez
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2012 edited
    Actually, it mentions distance on the site (see below) and references some roads it'll be taking...

    Admittedly it says there's one course on the main page, and then elsewhere it implies there might be various courses of differing lengths. Confusing! Maybe they were thinking about doing multiple courses or have done so in the past, but then decided to go with the one.

    Looking at a map I pretty easily figure out parts of their route (I'm guessing "The Wall" is Wiswall Rd)... Dame Rd is in Newmarket, and Cartland and Gile are in Lee, NH from the looks of it. Kinda hard for me to imagine their 45 miles route with one notable climb is all that epic, and I'm not above jacking routes to suit my own amusement (particularly where the entry fee is a little steep, without a clear good cause it's benefiting, although they mention a NH walk-bike advocacy group when they threaten to kick you off the ride if you aren't a law-abiding cyclist).

    This Raid – The Rockingham Raid features one route of approximately 45 miles that includes about 15 miles packed gravel roads and one Category 5 climb (average 3% over a mile, climbs about 900 feet). That’s easy enough, eh?
    TBF, after all my naysaying, people are talking about this event favorably at v-salon.