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    • CommentAuthorWomStreet
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2012

    just wanted to let you know about a contest being hosted on WomStreet (, for the best fixed gear trick compilation. If you've got some clips, please upload them and get your friends to vote for it! We're a new site and it would really help us out, plus we're getting a bike manufacturer to sponsor our next contest so there will be great prizes and voting incentives.

    WomStreet Team
    We can't do tricks. Though I did see katdaley do a trackstand once. It kind-of turned me on. Not killersim-turned on but turned on nonetheless.
    Tricks are for kids. We do stunts.All you white kids look alike when you're still covered in baby fat, so I was getting bored with the non-stop WASP parade.
    I prefer "feats of skill and danger." Is the prize going to be a Thruster frame? I hope so.
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2012
    I like to turn tricks online. I got a webcam series that just.dont.quit.Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power.
    for my next trick, i will get stoned and deliver ~30 packages in 8 hours. halfway through i will stop for pizza.You're purposefully attempting to sabotage my degree project. Thanks.
    Someone's trying to earn themselves the Golden Seat.

    Say, when is the vote for a new mod that was allegedly going to happen going to happen?
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2012
    I vote yes.Worstcase I'll just zip tie on a seat... but i'd rather not. —Zev (who else)
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2012
    GERRYMANDERINGExcept our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power.