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    Hello! I have a White Industries Eno hub 130mm width laced 3x to a CXP33, velox rim tape and 15t Fixed cog. Wheel is in fantastic condition. This wheel is perfect for converting a standard width (130mm) vertical drop road/cyclocross frame for Singlespeed use.

    *Please refer to images, the only not-pristine component in this wheel are the nuts, which have started to round out slightly due to tightening and un-tightening. This is normal wear for these wheels and replacements are easily had direct or from dealers such as Sheldon Brown. They still function and can be used as is, they will just require replacement in the next year.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions and see my other ad for the matching front wheel.

    Click the ad below to check out pictures! Looking for $150 but we can talk.
    will this work with horizontal drop outs or JUST vertical? i only ask bc i have a kilo tt (track drop out frame) that i wanted to convert into a road bik, so my friend welded vert. drop outs on it. EXCEPT they were horizontal drop outs and we couldn't tell the differance. anyway, now i want to go back to fixedgear, so i THINK i need this hub.

    btw i don't check the forum very often so just email me at or txt me at (666) 420-6969You're purposefully attempting to sabotage my degree project. Thanks.
    i will trade you my fixie for your kilo tt. i really want a road bike.tristan - thats fucking rad dude, I'm happy for you.
    Hey guys, I would appreciate it if the conversation stayed relevant to the wheel I posted up.

    I'm a new member, but I've been aware of this forum for quite a while. I don't ride much fixed but I've had this wheel built up for a bit and want to see it get a better home.
    Thanks Slowski, much appreciated!
    conor! for mod:just email me at or txt me at (666) 420-6969

    Nicely played, sir.