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    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2014
    Starting a new thread because every once in a while there's a good cause that people want to raise awareness for, and nothing else seemed to cut the mustard.

    Anyway, the occasion for your generosity this: I just found out that a colleague of mine lived in the house right next door to the Back Bay fire and lost everything. He's homeless now and needs an apartment asap, along with any donated furnishings you might have. Here's the email I got from our human resources department:

    I’m sure you all know at this point about the devastating fire down on Beacon Street earlier this week. What you may not know is that one of our Periodicals office staff lived in the building next door which was heavily damaged by the blaze. He lost nearly everything in the fire and needs to find a new place to live.

    On your behalf, we’ll be able to help him with the Staff Assistance Fund. What I’m asking, though, is this: If you have any leads on apartments nearby or if you have any household furnishings or other essentials that you could spare, please reach out to [name redacted] directly: [email address redacted]. I know he’d appreciate any help you could give him.

    So obviously I edited that to remove his private information from this public forum, but you get the gist. He needs help. I don't know him personally, but I have his contact information and I'm happy to forward any offers of assistance or support his way.

    Thanks!Worstcase I'll just zip tie on a seat... but i'd rather not. —Zev (who else)
    Today is "Valley Gives" day in Western MA, and Franklin Land Trust is competing for some kind of prize. Also you might win a free entry to d2r2, and you can give as little as $10 (not chump change for a lot of people, but it's for a good cause, particularly with FLT ramping up for the fight against the pipeline).

    Anyway... email from the FLT people today (below)


    Gang -

    This is rather last-minute, but we could use some help!

    Today is "Valley Gives" day - an annual event in which the regional nonprofits stage a joint fundraising drive. The event sponsors have created a competition in which the organizations with the three largest number of donors will receive substantial bonus donations.

    The Land Trust is currently in FOURTH PLACE!!! The event ends at midnight tonight....

    We are going to raffle off two free D2R2 entries to any of you that would be so kind to donate before the midnight deadline. The minimum donation is just ten bucks; when you donate, just make sure you add "D2R2" to the text field for who you are dedicating the donation to, so that we can add your name to the raffle drawing.

    Here is the link:

    Again, gang, this is last minute, but we are right on the cusp of making the podium here, and I am hoping that just a few of you, especially those of you here in the Pioneer Valley, might get us over the top.

    THANKS in advance!!!

    Sandy, Mary, and the crew here at FLT.
    Thank you for posting this! It went to my spam folder :(i mean that looks like a 10 cat bag, easy