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    I think I may have asked this already, but I really want to go on a weekend camping/bike ride with my partner before we leave Massachusetts at the end of the Summer. Ideally, something that could have us biking for a few hours on a Friday/Saturday to a camp spot where we could set up a tent, have a fire, etc. and then bike back the next day. What are some camp grounds that are relatively bikeable from here, bike friendly, and cheap/free (it doesn't have to be an official camp ground, but somehwere we can confidently have a fire and not be worried about issues)? Even better, has anyone on here done something similar (I'm sure people have) and do you have any recommendations of routes, places to stay, etc?

    Right now, we're actually thinking about doing a ride from Newburyport to Portland, Maine. I found a route when googling some stuff, and it looks totally doable splitting the ride into two days. It would be rad to find a campsite instead of a hotel, though, since we plan on staying for a night or two in Maine, probably in a hotel, and don't wanna spend a shitload of money on lodging. Any tips for places along that route?and then the time will come when you add up the numbers
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    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2015 edited
    This thread will probably have a bunch of info for you.

    Edit: NVM you already posted in thereI have DTF pants. They're crotchless. -surprisefries
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2015
    For a two day along the coast, my friend and I took a bus from south station up to Portland ME then rode back home through Portsmouth NH. It was quite nice and not too challenging in terms of length or elevation. You're out of Maine within 10 miles or so. We stayed at a Motel 6 in Portsmouth which was a bit far out from the center of town, but we walked in then got a cab back at night cuz we were wasted. Once you get back into Mass, hop on the commuter rail around Salem or Northshore because Lynn is fucking horrible riding.
    For route prep, we looked at a couple smaller routes posted online and just made it work. We never encountered any impassable or overly-dangerous stretches of road and we stuck along the coast the most of the way.