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      CommentAuthorseanile mick
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2015 edited
    I got a message a moment ago from Eric Stratton pointing out some concerning messages being posted to Will's facebook, on which his family has said that he passed away. There was no additional information, but they said they'll post up the details regarding his service when they're able.

    He was a genuine friend, and a very driven and talented musician.
    Just a couple of weeks ago Eric and I were fortunate enough to have a random encounter with him in Harvard Sq at Charlie's the day before he left for DC. We ended up have some dinner and drinks with him, we had a great time and I'm thankful to have had it.

    somebody turn the lights off on this place already.
    I saw that too :( He was a cool dude, started up a conversation with everyone and anyone, lit up a room.i mean that looks like a 10 cat bag, easy
    • CommentAuthorryan t
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2015
    Oh no! I remember him from full moon rides and talking about music. He was a really cool guy.
    • CommentAuthormauspad
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2015 edited
    Also saw on fb and came here looking for more info. Speechless.
    "Will was found this morning in his apartment. His girlfriend Shelby hadn't heard from him and had the super open his locked door. He had died sometime in the previous 24 hours. No sign of foul play. Autopsy is pending. Details for his service are still unknown. We are all devastated.
    -His aunt Karen."somebody turn the lights off on this place already.
    God fucking dammiti mean that looks like a 10 cat bag, easy
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015 edited
    fuckWe'll get you a cat, don't worry -t-honks
    Totally surreal. I woke up hoping I had just had a bad dream about sean texting me about this. I can't believe it.Naaaah, too uncool for the #messlyfe. I just like to hang out in loading docks and pretend to talk on my radio so that people will like me. - Mfratt
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015
    :( I miss you guys.Fuck yeah.
    • CommentAuthortristan
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015
    That is awful. Will was a genuinely good and fun guy.ascott430 - "Was going to build it up into a fixed gear until I realized I'd rather spend money and time on mountain bikes."
    +1 to everything said. Great dude, so genuine. We need more like him, not less. Fucking sad.DFL and DTF :D:D:D:D
    yeah, dang. never had a bad time with that guy.You're purposefully attempting to sabotage my degree project. Thanks.
    • CommentAuthortristan
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015
    Because I think he'd probably prefer to be celebrated than moped about, here is a shot from my favorite memory with Will:

    This was from a Phish festival we attended in 2011 - there was no good way up to the porta potties from our area, so we built a set of steps into the hill. He danced up and down the steps every time we walked past!ascott430 - "Was going to build it up into a fixed gear until I realized I'd rather spend money and time on mountain bikes."
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015
    So sad. I don't know if I actually knew him, and if I did, I certainly didn't know him well. Did he have a bfixed username?Worstcase I'll just zip tie on a seat... but i'd rather not. —Zev (who else)
      CommentAuthorseanile mick
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015 edited
    ^his username was "dub"

    "Hey for all those that will attend friends and family...Funeral services will be Tuesday, August 25th at 10:00am at:
    Temple Beth-El
    400 Pasadena Avenue South
    St. Petersburg, FL

    Burial will follow at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, Clearwater."

    tristan and others with photos of will, please read this.
    "In celebration of William's life. We created a google drive that you can upload photos of William for his memorial service. Sign in, or create a google account (gmail) to upload photos. So many people have had the privilege of knowing William, so please share your greatest memories of him.
    Google Drive Folder"
    "You can also email photos to memoriesofwill AT and we will add it to the google drive."somebody turn the lights off on this place already.
    • CommentAuthorowen
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2015
    Will's username was dub or dubcycle back when I was around.

    I haven't been around much on here since I moved back to CT in late 2011, but it looks like alot of folks from then are still kickin around here.

    Back when I first started hanging out with bike folks in like 2008 or 2009, Will always went out of his way to make me feel included and like I was part of an awesome community by constantly inviting me to parties at his apartment and convincing me and other to do midnight rides even if we had class at 8am the next day. This is just the kind of dude he was, he was a blast to be around. I was upset and surprised to see that he's passed, rest in peace bud.

    Miss you guys!

    William Morris "Will" Raymund, son of former Tech Data CEO Steve Raymund and Sonia Raymund, died Friday near Washington, D.C. No cause of death was immediately known.

    The 27-year-old sound and lighting engineer and music promoter was born Feb. 8, 1988, in Tampa, grew up in St. Petersburg and graduated from Shorecrest Preparatory School. Mr. Raymund earned his bachelor's degree of fine arts in music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

    Survivors, in addition to his parents, are his sister, actor Monica Raymund; and his maternal grandmother, Maria Lara.

    Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Temple Beth-El, 400 Pasadena Avenue S in St. Petersburg. David C. Gross Funeral Homes, Central Avenue Chapel in St. Petersburg is in charge of arrangements.
    somebody turn the lights off on this place already.
    ^(continued from above) In lieu of flowers, donations in Will's memory would be appreciated to CASA, P.O. Box 414
    St. Petersburg, FL 33731.

    Shiva will be observed Tuesday after 3:00 p.m. at the home of Sonia Raymund, 830 Monterey Boulevard, NE, St. Petersburg, FL, 33704, with service at 7:00 p.m.

    (From the obituary on the funeral home's website)clockwork ted: this is my favorite thread. sweet BJ alexi!
    • CommentAuthorben
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2015 edited
    EPIC! Stratton:In lieu of flowers, donations in Will's memory would be appreciated to CASA, P.O. Box 414
    St. Petersburg, FL 33731.
    Of note is that starting a month ago, his mother's foundation is matching all donations to CASA up to $1mil.I have DTF pants. They're crotchless. -surprisefries
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2015
    So I'm pretty sure that this picture of Will was taken when we raced against each other. I'm pretty sure I was directly to his right. Can anyone who was there that night confirm/deny?We'll get you a cat, don't worry -t-honks
    • CommentAuthorDoubleL
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2015
    Just from looking at the rest of the photo album he may have been racing Ben? Can't really tell, there aren't any photos of both of you. I remember Will raced like 5 times that night, including against me later in the evening, which he insisted on doing.
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2015
    Huh. It looks like I didn't race at that one, so I guess not.
    That whole photo set really made me smile. Thanks for linking.We'll get you a cat, don't worry -t-honks