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    [this is taken verbatim for ChiFG, and they got it from sffixed, so thanks to everyone and anyone down the line that contributed to this. I may edit details down the road to tailor it for bostonfixed, so if you see things you think should be changed/added/removed, please let a mod know.]


    1) Use the search, Luke. Chances are your new thread that you were going to post after you just joined has already been covered.
    2) You want to post photos? Here's how.
    3) This is kind of funny and relevant.

    The following Rules were originally written by onetwentyeight from and have been modified or adapted by me [absenter at ChiFG].


    1) Always post in the appropriate category. If the admin sees something in the wrong place, it will either be deleted it or moved to where it belongs. If you make an error, feel free to whisper a moderator.

    2) Do NOT spam the forum. This is obvious. If it is something related to the community here, we'll let it slide. If you are worried promoting your business/projects might be considered spam, whisper a moderator first and he/she will let you know what the deal is.

    3) Try to make a descriptive subject for your thread that matches the subject of your post. For example, "A Couple Questions" is a BAD thread title, whereas "Help overhauling hubs and bottom brackets" is better. Essentially, just state the main keywords of your post. It usually helps to compose your post first, and then derive a subject.

    4) This forum is not limited to Fixed Gear bikes. if you want to talk about all kinds of bikes, go right ahead.Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    1) Attempt to use decent English. These are forums and you have plenty of time to post. Read what you have written for posting. There is a preview button and spell check there for a reason. Posts which contain a vast ammount of abbreviations, leet speak, etc, may be moderated for ease of reading, and repeat offenders' posts may be outright deleted (not to mention appropriate warnings/actions made). If no one can understand what you're saying, what's the point?

    1a) There are some accepted abbreviations which are commonly used, and expected. If someone cant figure it out, and asks, politely clue them in to the "lingo"

    2) Be courteous. We have forum members from many different backgrounds, and not all will have the same moral, ethical, spiritual, or political values as you. Be respectful of their beliefs.Treat them the same way you want to be treated, if not better.

    3) Try to avoid double posting. If you are not familiar with double posting, it looks like this:

    User (at 5:01:20): Badger badger badger
    User (at 5:01:40): Oh yeah, llama llama llama

    There is an edit button there for a reason. We do understand sometimes your connection will have a hiccup and you will accidentally post the same thing twice. If this happens, edit out the extra post.

    4) Do not resurrect ancient threads unnecessarily. Any post on the first few pages is fair game, but after that it can get confusing.

    4a) If you're dying to talk about an old subject, try creating a new thread, or use the search features to see if it's been discussed and covered already. Theres a wealth of knowledge burried in here.

    4b) If you create a new thread for too many already dead topics, you will have disciplinary actions taken against you.

    5) Do not post just for the sake of bumping. If your thread did not get any replies the first time, chances are people don't know the answer and therefore won't be able to answer it the second time. If you really feel your thread got unfairly missed and dropped off the first page, sure, a bump is okay (no drug reference intended), but if I notice an excessive trend of it, you'll be warned.

    6) Newbie-hazing. So far we haven't had this problem, lets keep it that way!

    7) We don't promote hate here. Racism, homophobia, personal attacks against other forum members (specific or in general) and the like will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with harshly.

    8) Do not link to porn or other adult material on these boards, whether it's in your user avatar or this appendix-bustingly hi-LAR-ious forward you got that makes ASCII cartoon people do the horizontal pants boogie if you scroll through fast enough. The majority of our posters are 18 or over, true, but we also have quite a few younger posters. We've done enough damage to Kevin's moral fiber already, and we don't want to get in trouble because you just had to have an animated .gif of La Blue Girl doing her freaknasty thing in your profile. If you think something might be not work safe, err on the side of caution, and provide a text link, and a warning.

    9) Don't discuss illegal stuff on here. Duh! Remember that this is a public forum and everyone and anyone has the ability to join.

    10) Utilize whispers when relevant, keep private conversations private. A whisper is a private message that appears inline with a discussion. Only you and the recipient of the whisper can see the whisper. It won’t affect the paging or comment counting of discussions. It’s a way for you to say something secretly to another member in the middle of a discussion. You can also create entirely private discussions by entering a whisper recipient when starting a discussion. Then only you and the recipient can see the entire discussion.

    Whispers can only be seen by two people: the one whispering and the one being whispered to. You cannot whisper to multiple people at one time.

    To Whisper, just type in the screenname of who you wish to talk to above the comment box. It's that easy. If you wish to reply to them, just click the "Whisper Back" button in the comment you are replying to. If you are worried you may miss whispers and want to be notified when you are sent one, click on "Account" in the top menu, then on the left click "Forum Preferences". Scroll down to Notification, and check the box that says "Tell me when someone whispers a comment to me." Your choice will be saved automatically. If you go to the main Discussions Page, you will see a list of Discussion Filters right below the Category filter. Clicking Whispered Discussions will show a list of all your private discussions, and whispered comments will show all comments whispered to and from you.Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    1) Our job is to enforce board policy by editing/removing posts, moving/closing/deleting threads, settling disputes, encouraging good behavior, issuing warnings, helping with problems and instituting temporary and permanent bans.

    2) The moderators will do their best to be respectful and polite towards posters; but by the same token, respect is earned. If you're rude to a mod, don't be surprised if you're treated the same, or ignored completely.

    3) The moderators will do their best to be fair and patient, and to avoid pettiness; you will do your best to obey the rules and the judgment calls of the moderators without complaining or disrespecting their authority.

    4) The moderators will not play favorites; you will not expect special treatment from any particular mod.

    THE MODERATORS ARE (updated 2013-06-14):
    more active
    ratattack (Lauren)
    EPIC! Stratton (Eric)
    chr|s sedition (Chris)
    surprisefries (Evan)
    less active
    brandonc (Brandon)
    Aaron Gigantic (Aaron)
    karyatid (Amanda)
    richard q (Richard)
    Stilgar (Shane)
    ilikeitfixed (Mark)
    richardmylove (Rich)Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    What is Trolling? What is a Troll?

    A Troll is one who trolls. There, confused yet? Good. Trolling is a term applied to posts which are designed specifically to provoke a response, usually involving highly controversial topics, and usually with an unpopular position being taken by the Troll. It's annoying, don't do it.

    What is spamming?

    Spamming in the context of this board means several things. For example, posting links to your own website, or websites in which you have a financial interest, posting get-rich-quick schemes or links to such, posting chain letters, posting nonsense posts which contribute nothing to the members overall enjoyment of the board (this especially applies to non-creative or non-humorous nonsense, whereas humor adds value). The most annoying use of spam (except on sandwiches) is the repeated posting of links to any website.
    -Thanks to for that definition

    What is Flaming?

    Flaming is the practice of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting to a discussion board (usually on the Internet). Such messages are called flames, and are often posted in response to flame bait.

    A flame may have elements of a normal message, but is distinguished by its intent. A flame is never intended to be constructive, to further clarify a discussion, or to persuade other people. The motive for flaming is never dialectic, but rather social or psychological. Flamers are attempting to assert their authority, or establish a position of superiority. Occasionally, flamers merely wish to upset and offend other members of the forum, in which case they are trolls.

    Similary, a normal, non-flame message may have elements of a flame - it may be hostile, for example - but it is not a flame if it is seriously intended to advance the discussion.

    What are Flame Wars?

    A flame war is a series of flaming messages in an electronic discussion group or message board system such as usenet, mailing lists or forums. There are a number of characteristics of electronic communication which have been cited as being conducive to flame wars. Electronic communications do not easily transmit facial expressions or voice intonations which may serve to moderate the tone of a message. Also, there is typically a lag time between the time a message is transmitted and the time a reply is read. These two characteristics can cause a "positive feedback loop" in which the emotional intensity of an electronic exchange increases to extremely high levels.Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.